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What Are The Links With Grey Backgrounds?

Those are Technorati Tag links.

If you use the Flickr photo-hosting service or the link-storing system, you’ll know about Tags already. You use them to identify what your photos or links are about.

Technorati Tags let me associate words in my posts with Tags. Click on a Tagged link — the ones with the grey backgrounds — and you’ll go to a page that shows Flickr photos with the same tag, and entries using the same tag. And, via the Technorati website-watching service, other blog posts with that tag embedded in them.

What does that achieve? Aside from stitching together three services I find useful, possibly nothing at all. But I know that if you click on the tagged word “sumo” in the last post, kicks out a bunch of useful links for anyone wanting to learn more about The Greatest Sport On Earth.

Of course, if you’re reading this via RSS or through LJ, you don’t have the faintest fucking idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. The words that seem to be linked, completely at random? Those are tagged. Or Tagged, even.

I’m making them using the WordPress TechnoTag plug-in and
a Javascript “bookmarklet” button that sits on my web browser’s menu bar.

Carry on.

— W

EDIT/OCT 30 2005: fuck tags.

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