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  1. Senah Yeboah-Sampong Senah Yeboah-Sampong

    The first issue was executed flawlessly. And I dug the DVD-style commentary which padded out the context for me as a reader. Can’t wait to see where all this with rival police forces and Spring-Heeled jack goes now that we got a stow-away. Never seen Raulo’s work before this; the combo is dynamite.

  2. kristie kristie

    Finally! I thought we’d never get it. I loved issue 1.

  3. padraig padraig

    Well, I can confirm that it’s made it to the waste lands north of Chicago, USA, so it must be damn near everywhere.

    The “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” parallels keep jumping out at me. (Idealistic genius out to save the world in his super-scientific vessel, picks up a dubious roughneck stowaway, etc.) Care to discuss? Or should I just use Liam Neeson’s line from “The Dead Pool:”

    “It’s NOT a rip-off, it’s… an homage!”

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