9 Responses to “Nic Thorne”

  1. Wow. I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head.

    Great costume though. Very circa post Apocalypse.

  2. Hope Nic didn’t get caught up in the mass arrests.

  3. this. is. awesome.

  4. Can someone please lend me a burning car so I can take photos of people in front of it? Just, y’know, for a little while? I’ll give it back.

  5. Riveting,and explosive.

  6. The car was a decoy car, left by police so it could be burned. Kind of takes the piss out of it, don’t it?

  7. I avoided being arrested, not a hard thing to do as I wasn’t lighting anything on fire.

    I heard that too about the decoy cars.For now, it is hear say.

  8. This is an amazing photo – good job Nic!