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  1. Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

  2. Wow, this is a severe dpearture from the comic. I mean I expected a fleshing out of the storyline due to the brevity of the original, but I don’t remember such a comedic aspect to it. Was this just an editing decision for the trailer, or is this actually a comedy?

  3. Looks like a fun movie. Too bad about the title though. For me, RED will always be Krzysztof Kie?lowski’s unforgettable film.

  4. “Excitement!” Congrats.

  5. They seem to have entirely missed the point…

  6. I feel like it’s one more of those trailers pushing the movie in some direction. Don’t ever underestimate these trailer editors.

    Everything else, seems as Warren’ish as it can possibly get on hollywood/this kind of production.

  7. While I know that trailers lie, that looks AWESOME.

    I’m okay with it going comedic. Might be a change necessary for a transition to the medium of the big screen.

    As for having missed the point… Hollywood changes stuff. They do it pretty compulsively, really… And it’s basically impossible to option off rights to any existing piece of work and keep creative control. So, basically: Shakespeare gots to get paid, son.

  8. Everything I’ve seen/heard indicates it’s going to be more lighthearted than the book. Personally I’ve got no problem with that. It looks like the Hoeber’s are partly channeling Ellis, partly Shane Black, and that is a recipe for awesome. It was never going to be a faithful adaptation of the book anyway.

  9. looks cool, going to have to hunt down the trade for this.

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  11. I got the first issue of Red and also the trade (since I missed the second issue somehow) laying around the place. One of many books I haven’t read yet, so I can’t say how accurate it is, but it seems different from just looking at the book. Of course, it might just be the way the cut the trailer. Certainly still seems to have a more dark humor undercurrent. Still… dear heavens… that cast is amazing.

  12. The link seems to be dead; try http://filmonic.com/red-movie-trailer.

  13. Way to go, young man. Let the hookers and blow binge begin!

  14. Stories grow, like children. The creator of the fucking story is happy with it. Why are you people crying over your keyboards about it? STFU and be happy that one of Warren’s stories is going to make him a nice little pile of money on the big screen.

  15. Tell ya what: been a long while since I read Red, and I smoke too much pot.

    So, all I can tell you is: this film looks like fucking good times! And it wouldn’t have been made had not your book come first, so I call it win/win, enjoying two works of art in the same way you can enjoy a fine cover song of a classic.

  16. I don’t mean to be rude but… I expected an adaptation of Warren’s magnificent book. But this? This is why Alan Moore hates Hollywood so much.

  17. This movie looks amazing. It’s on my must see list.
    Did they change from the comic? Yes. Do I care? No! If they did the comic word for word, it’d be half an hour long.

  18. Hey Warren, congrats on scoring a big name studio adaption of your work. Bruce fuckin’ Willis? Unreal. I’m really happy to see a malcontent like yourself making something of yourself in the world. Don’t spend all that Hollywood Cash in one whore!

    Hart D. Fisher

  19. Huh. You know, I had read you saying who was in it, but it really didn’t strike me until the trailer exactly what that pool of talent looked like crammed into a Red adaptation. Looks nice, at that.

  20. looks awful. can’t wait to see it! can’t go wrong with that cast! i figure its gonna be akin to ‘the losers’ film, which i can totally get behind!

  21. That looks absolutely fantastic!

    Did no one else find the book hilarious? Dark, yes, but fucking funny. It wasn’t just me, was it? … Am I just a little bit wrong on the inside..?

    Also: Mary Louise Parker and I have a long standing arrangement – if she’s in it, I’ll see it. It’s a thing. And Helen Mirren + a big fucking machine gun = “these truly are the Golden Years, children”

  22. And if RED does well, there’s a good chance a lot of Warren stories will end up on screen.

  23. Looks like you’re gonna get rich and drunk a’ la Californication. Congrats!

  24. Wow, that looks different than I remembered it. It looks like they used it as a launching pad for something. Still, great cast. That was a weird adaptation of the Brazil theme for the trailer, too, just as a side note.

  25. While that’s not the comic book I read, I don’t think I’ll mind too much while watching it. And the actors/actresses lined up are really top notch, not just a-listers but a-listers with integrity and balls. Really really well done, looking forward to it a great deal.

  26. They made it into BURN NOTICE with old people. OLD NOTICE.

  27. This should prove to be intresting to say the least. They can never manage to do a GN to movie without really pooching up the original story line. Look at Wanted and KickAss. While they were over all decent movies they did stray a bit from the original work.

    Hollywood can’t keep its hands off things but all that matters is the end results, and I hope Warren managing to get more movies made I like his writing and I think a lot of his works can be made into good movies.

  28. I am really looking forward to this. Unfaithful-but-good is far preferable to faithful-but-bad. Also, “Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle” is now my favourite phrase ever, you should probably use it more often. :D

  29. Looks like someone took the original book, rubbed it up against a bootleg dvd of Hot Fuzz, then poured the TMNT ooze all over it. Now its got genre superpowers. I like Bruce Willis. I like John Malkovich. I shouldn’t even have to say I like Morgan Freeman. I also like it when people I respect and admire make lots and lots of money.

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  31. WANT!!!!

    And I have a total crush on Helen Mirren. Gonna have to hunt down the book now.

  32. It’s _Driving Mr. and Mrs. Smith_!

    Like others, I was aware that the cast was expanded with some world-class actors … but I hadn’t expected it to turn into something of a comedy about geriatric retired spooks. I recall that it was described as “lighter, funnier”, but I thought it was going to be a little bit of humor. Whereas the trailer suggests a whole bunch.

    Which is fine. It’s a very loose adaption. I hope it’s a very good loose adaption, and that it sells tickets like mad. I’m just a bit surprised is all.

  33. I don’t remember any of the scenes or dialogue in the book. Hopefully this won’t end up as The Losers or even Be Cool.

  34. I was just thinking what an interesting concept it is to eliminate the writer from the artistic process.
    If we could just get rid of these actors and directors, maybe we’ve got something here.

  35. I do want to see this and it will be interesting to see Warren’s comment on the final product.

  36. Looks pretty fucking awesome to me. The look and humour of it (and the huge cast) remind me of Burn After Reading actually. As long as Mr Ellis is happy with it I am to. Congratulations on your big screen debut Warren, and may it continue. Just don’t let Micheal Bay any where near MEK.

  37. Ha Ha Quality. Helen Mirren in an action movie with Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich based on comic written by Warren Ellis. That sentence is a fucked up

  38. Oh yes, Helen Mirren beating folk up..oh yessssssssssss!

  39. I’ve not yet read RED. I won’t now until after I’ve seen this. After seeing “Quest for Love,” I tracked down the original John Wyndham short story, “Random Quest.” Wow. Talk about being different creatures! Same thing with the Bruce Willis movie “Memorial Day” and the book it was based on. Hollywood often does business on the “We like this idea” premise, not the “We want to do this story” foundation. And if you can get them to pay for the *idea*, that’s really money in the bank because what they’ll usually do is just *steal* and not pay at all (ask Art Buchwald; well, he’s dead now…). Anyway, that money lets the writer do the *writing*. Good luck with this. I hope it does well and very well for you.

  40. Don’t ever think you can have enough scenes of Helen Mirren shooting big guns

  41. Well I liked it.

  42. Warren will probably destroy me for this but the whole ‘Helen Mirren shooting big guns’ argument is a little akin to me for all the various instances that people in the last five years have said ‘ with ZOMBIES!!’ and then stood there smiling, expecting me to jump for joy and shout ‘Sold!’.

    The trailer really makes the movie look like yet another tired, watered down (I’m betting this will be a PG13) retread of all the recent ‘wacky’ secret agent movies a la Killers, Knight and Day, Mr and Mrs Smith et al. Only with an admittedly awesome cast. I’ll be very very pleased if it turns out to be good but the trailer isn’t promising.

    And to the guy who is talking about how it must be good if the creator loves it…come on, really? I love Warren’s work but he is working in a business here. Do you really think he’ll be badmouthing his first major film project? I remember when Neil Gaiman (another writer I admire) was full of eloquent praise about the project as Beowulf was being made and that (Crispin Glover’s awesomeness aside) was a pretty bad movie.

    I’m going to get ripped apart now….

  43. Stories grow, like children. The creator of the fucking story is happy with it. Why are you people crying over your keyboards about it? STFU and be happy that one of Warren’s stories is going to make him a nice little pile of money on the big screen.

    Sorry, I didn’t realized reading comics was a fucking charity. Warren could feed his family running AKs into the 3rd world for all I care, but I definitely do not need to see comics turned into films, comics are fine as they are.

  44. And yet the comics are not going away, and no-one’s forcing you to see or even pay attention to the films.

  45. This looked great- a Neil Cumpston wet dream. I thought the LSD line and the subsequent running away came across as very Ellis-y (like Nextwave Ellis, maybe). I wonder how often the writers asked themselves, “How would Ellis do this?”?

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  47. Hollywood will gangrape all intellectual property until it becomes a cum-covered bukkake whore.
    The only question is how much money one can get out of the experience.
    So congratulations, Mr. Ellis.
    You is in the big leagues now.

  48. looks like a COEN flick… Ok, you have your “WANTED” type movie.
    all you need now is your “KICK ASS” type movie and you can do YOUR movie. ;)

  49. If I didn’t know it was adapted from the comic, I would never have guessed from seeing this trailer.

  50. Looks very nice. Happily surprised. What does this give cash-wise? 1-2 years carefree?

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