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PLANETARY For iPad/iPhone/iPod And Playstation

Announced at DC’s blog:

DC Comics… is partnering with comiXology and PlayStation®Network for two separate digital comics distribution deals launching today, Wednesday, June 23. In addition, a DC Comics App for the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® Touch is available allowing consumers an easy way to access DC Comics’ content.

Both the comiXology and the PlayStation Network Digital Comics launch offerings will include classic titles from DC Comics, Vertigo and WildStorm, such as… Planetary: All Over the World and Other Stories. Both programs will share a tiered pricing format, with digital comics priced from $.99 to $2.99 per issue.

Several comics will be available for free at launch, including the first installment of the ZUDA series Bayou and select stories from Batman: Black & White.

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  1. Brian Dickey Brian Dickey

    They’re already testing day & date, same price release with that Generation Lost series? To think that I believed DC was going to languish a few miles behind Marvel with their digital plans. Kudos to Jim Lee and the others involved for actually having a strong plan throughout these past few months and surprising me, and possibly a good many others.

  2. Neil Neil

    I’d like to see these comic readers on more platforms. WebOS and AndroidOS are both getting ready to hit with tablets, and it sure would be nice to be able to have a cross-platform piece of software.

    Not everyone is an iPhaithful…

  3. Charles Charles

    Hell yes. Like the consumerist whore I am, I’ve been waiting for DC to make a move. I didn’t expect they’d bring all the imprints with them, or at least not right away. Whatever you think about reading comics on any device that is not tree, it’s an experience more akin to buying mp3s. You’ll try new things and buy more overall than you will dragging your ass into a store to get it. That’s got to be good for the writers and artists, and it’s already paying off for me the reader as I’ve been turned onto new titles I wouldn’t otherwise scratch my nose at in the store.

  4. I’m waiting Kurzweils Blio eReader.

  5. Richard Richard

    Oddly, or perhaps not so much, I’m enjoying reading your comics in digital format. Hell, I think “Extremis” was destined to find its way onto a digital reader – small-scale road-testing the future.

  6. I was thrilled when I found out about iPhone’s DC app and nearly fainted after seeing Planetary as part of the package! I’ve read the series over and over again but never got tired of them. Now I can carry them around in my pocket. Hope we don’t have to wait too long for it to reach #27.

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