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Night Music: Talvihorros

Music In Four Movements. Buy the download for a mere five British groats pounds.

<a href="">A Continual Echo of the Sound of Loss (Part I) by Talvihorros</a>

Throughout the recording process I became interested in the fundamental ideas of life and death and why people would choose to take their own lives, (reading ’The Road’ on a day long train back to London from Scotland, hungover after New Year certainly contributed to this). Slowly a narrative presented itself and the 4 tracks started to represent a journey of the final days of someone who has chosen to end everything. I became particularly interested in reading stories about people who drowned themselves in rivers or the sea – a bleak yet strangely beautiful image of someone walking their final walk into the sea became a strong visual influence for the record.

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  1. Fantastic, thank you!
    Also thank you for tweeting about the Broken20 music podcast the other day. Good stuff.

  2. cha0sthe0ry cha0sthe0ry

    wow… quietly intense.

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