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Empty Sheet

There’ll be no more new comics projects from me in 2010.

Wow, that’s a weird thing to type.

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  1. Coleman Coleman

    This…saddens me

  2. Joe Joe

    But we’ll still get issues of existing projects, yes?

  3. CosmicAsthenia CosmicAsthenia


  4. Callai Callai

    What? This can’t be serious?

  5. What, only the 500 projects you’re already working on?

    How will I live?

  6. So, the colostomy-humping return of Nextwave fell through, eh?

    Well, it’s probably for the best. (This is a lie.)

  7. Drax Drax

    I’m going to venture… “Congratulations?!” I’m guessing it’s a novel. Well, then! Amaze us, Good Shepherd!

  8. “No more new comics projects” means there will be new non-comics projects? Prose? TV? sculptures made of pigs dipped in liquid nitrogen? I’m all for cryo-bacon.

  9. Well, time to sulk in my back issues!

  10. Nicholas Parmel Nicholas Parmel

    Good luck holding those ideas at bay!

  11. J J

    This can only mean one thing…

  12. ’tis a black day, a day of mourning

  13. That sounds an awful lot like me saying “I vow to go to sleep at a normal hour.” Or: “I’m sure my taxes will be on time this year.” Or “of course I’ll do the reasonable projects first.”.

  14. Tadhg Tadhg

    No COMICS eh? How about that novel?

  15. Peter Peter

    This is kind of weird.

  16. Kaizer Kaizer

    ….and a million fanboys cut themselves and bleed to death.

    Nah,we’ll be okay.You’ve got a crapload of existing comics to sift through.

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