3 thoughts on “FREAKANGELS 0101”

  1. Great character development since the beginning. If it wasn’t for your skill at writing sections like this, the big sections wouldn’t work nearly as well… but I suspect you know that already, don’t you.

  2. Christ almighty, at first it seems nice. “Oh nooo i died, no scratch that i powered up i did!”

    “Oh wait fuck me i’m stuck with these cunts for the rest of eternity.”

    Future self is laughing at me. Because he is a mean old man and could have stopped it but didn’t.

  3. I can’t tell you how much I love freakangels. I read episode 1 to 101 in only two day. There is so much charisma in just the short 101 episodes. I can tell this will be a very long series, which makes it the best part. Keep up the great work!

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