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  1. Great character development since the beginning. If it wasn’t for your skill at writing sections like this, the big sections wouldn’t work nearly as well… but I suspect you know that already, don’t you.

  2. Ben Ben

    Christ almighty, at first it seems nice. “Oh nooo i died, no scratch that i powered up i did!”

    “Oh wait fuck me i’m stuck with these cunts for the rest of eternity.”

    Future self is laughing at me. Because he is a mean old man and could have stopped it but didn’t.

  3. John John

    I can’t tell you how much I love freakangels. I read episode 1 to 101 in only two day. There is so much charisma in just the short 101 episodes. I can tell this will be a very long series, which makes it the best part. Keep up the great work!

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