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Links for 2010-06-09

    "Ubimark enhances physical reality (books, places, objects) with stories, travel experiences, ratings or information."
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  • Plastic antibody works in first tests in living animals
    "Scientists are reporting the first evidence that a plastic antibody — an artificial version of the proteins produced by the body's immune system to recognize and fight infections and foreign substances — works in the bloodstream of a living animal."
    (tags:med )
  • BEKO Digital Single Label
    "a new single every monday" – fucking brilliant idea
    (tags:music netlabel )
  • Transparent – Sleep Over
    "Austin?s SLEEP ? OVER. Endlessly lonesome and isolated but with a strange unbreakable dignity and melodic smoothness, the jam is a beguiling and languid ghost?n?b slow-dancer that brings to mind the foggy AM dance-pop transmissions of Nite Jewel et al but with the sadness and mystique cranked up to heartbursting levels and a real brain-worm of a chorus that?s been soaring around in our skulls all day. It?s an unsettling, alluring, perfect pop song…"
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