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Cover Remodel: THE YELLOW BOOK

Every week or two I challenge the artists on my message board to reinvent a cover or character from the past. Usually comics-based. Lately I’ve been throwing them some weird ones. Like this:

The Yellow Book, published in London from 1894 to 1897, was a quarterly literary periodical (priced at 5s.) that lent its name to the "Yellow" 1890s. It was a leading journal of the British 1890s; to some degree associated with Aestheticism and Decadence, the magazine contained a wide range of literary and artistic genres, poetry, short stories, essays, book illustrations, portraits, and reproductions of paintings. Aubrey Beardsley was its first art editor, and he has been credited with the idea of the yellow cover, with its association with French fiction of the period.

So here’s the deal: You are an artist/designer. You have to put together the cover for VOLUME 14 of THE YELLOW BOOK. It must retain the sense of Aestheticism and Decadence, and yet be of its time.

Here’s a small selection of what I got in return. All of the rest are at the link above, and worth seeing.

Pia Guerra:


Felipe Sobreiro:


Chris Thornley:


And Paul Sizer:


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  1. Drax Drax

    Fucking insane good shit. Unreal. Excuse me, time to kill myself.

  2. omnia omnia

    really great stuff guys! i loved them all but Paul Sizer’s was shocking! did the yellow book by any way inspire the giallo movement in italian literature and then cinema?

  3. Pia and Philipe’s are stunning , but Sizer’s hahah!

  4. is that last one a goatse?

  5. Trent Trent

    Goatse = serious artistic journal.

  6. Manx Manx

    These are all gorgeous. Even the goatse one.

  7. James Bong James Bong


    I want to buy all of them and hang them on my wall!

  8. docgerbil1000 docgerbil1000

    I’m quite surprised to see a goatse on warrenellis[cot]com. I am, however, not at all sure why I’m surprised…

  9. You’re surprised to find what I did on Ellis’ site? That’s like being surprised finding money at the bank.
    Thanks for all the horrified praise; I do what I can to make an impact. I personally dug the entries that managed to maintain class AND show the goods.

  10. FFS, when people ask where the hell they can get a cover for their eBook, I really must send them to your board to hire someone there. This stuff is A++.

  11. I’ve just read the Comments. Hire anyone except that last guy — he’s too damned devious. That flew right by me even though my first glance made me wonder what was going on. I blame my shit monitor.

  12. I’ll take “devious” as a recommendation, Mike! : )

    Obviously this is an extreme case, but honestly, I worked hard to make this one as well-thought out from a design and type perspective. Some of my favorite design work has shocked the hell out of me, and I’ve seen that as a positive thing. Warren’s assignments have given me a chance to do some things that have propelled me in front of folks who I never would have had the chance to work with; that’s a good thing.

  13. >>>I’ll take “devious” as a recommendation, Mike! : )

    I didn’t say it was bad, but the goatse aspect is a Do Not Want thing for most people. Especially in the conservative eBook world. (I get grief just because I use the word “fuck” around them. And I’m not talking sex, either.)

  14. All good, no worries. And trust me, it’s a DO NOT WANT for me also, which keeps me on my toes for translating ideas that I’m not 100% on board with.

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