13 Responses to “Things That Are Wrong, Part 23984”

  1. No, that’s everything that’s right!

  2. Your definition of ‘wrong’ confuses me.

  3. I am now sexually confused. Thanks for that.

  4. My genitals are confused. I think I might need a tetanus shot.

  5. are you sure this is ‘wrong’?

    oh. I just disturbed myself.

  6. The thing that makes it wrong is, there’s two dudes in there.

  7. I have the weirdest boner.

  8. Wasn’t this the whole plot of the first decent episode of torchwood?

  9. the daleks (or daloids, in your region) are way cooler.

  10. How come my silver jumpsuit doesn’t shine like that?

  11. This is certainly one upgrade of the cybermen that would make doctor who much more interesting.

  12. Sometimes, there are two dudes in there.

  13. […] Warren Ellis didn’t like this, we can’t imagine […]