Neveldine/Taylor’s ZEROES

Anyone know what happened to the Neveldine/Taylor tv project ZEROES that went into development at NBC last November? I thought that’d be on the easy track into the autumn season, but I’ve seen no mention of it, either for September or mid-season.

4 thoughts on “Neveldine/Taylor’s ZEROES”

  1. OK, so not this () then? Because I’d watch that. At least until the South American Wonder Twins showed up to shit all over it.

  2. Are you even inside your body right now? Do you make sense to anyone other than yourself? DO YOU EVEN MAKE SENSE TO YOURSELF?

  3. man, that’s a good question. I was just thinking about that a little while ago, due to how excellent the Crank movies were.

    If you find out, let everybody know. I have some ideas!

  4. I think Nikki Finke has already run all of the series being picked up by the networks here. I don’t recall any mention of that one. And since it was for NBC, that’s unsurprising.

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