Station Idents: A Call For Images

As regular readers know, I tend to start the day’s broadcasting by posting a "station ident," which is a photo or other image and the words "this is warren ellis dot com."

I have decided that I need to draw on a wider pool of images for a while. Perhaps you’d like to provide me one.

Something arty, something filthy, something strange, something funny: don’t care, so long as it’s original to you. Snapshot or illustration, Photoshop or fansign; don’t care, so long as it has the following words in it somewhere:

"this is warren ellis dot com"

Email it as an attachment to, my public dump email address, if you feel like playing. Please include your name and a website if you have one, or plug a work of yours if applicable. Ideally, it’d be 600 px across or less, but I can resize stuff. And I’ll use all the ones I like, eventually.

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