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Station Idents: A Call For Images

As regular readers know, I tend to start the day’s broadcasting by posting a "station ident," which is a photo or other image and the words "this is warren ellis dot com."

I have decided that I need to draw on a wider pool of images for a while. Perhaps you’d like to provide me one.

Something arty, something filthy, something strange, something funny: don’t care, so long as it’s original to you. Snapshot or illustration, Photoshop or fansign; don’t care, so long as it has the following words in it somewhere:

"this is warren ellis dot com"

Email it as an attachment to, my public dump email address, if you feel like playing. Please include your name and a website if you have one, or plug a work of yours if applicable. Ideally, it’d be 600 px across or less, but I can resize stuff. And I’ll use all the ones I like, eventually.

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  1. Would it matter if the words were superimposed vis-a-vis photoshop later, or should we strive to make art that includes it as part of the scenery? Or both? This is neat.

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Just flinging the words on top with a graphics program is of course fine.

  3. Melinda Melinda

    Aaaaaaand here comes the naked-lady (maybe) fan mail! Possibly awesome, possibly horrible… but then, this IS warren ellis dot com.

  4. […] can’t use this as a station ident image, for reasons that will become clear when you read the related post, but this is an example of the sort of mail I’m getting […]

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