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Links for 2010-05-31

  • suckerPUNCH: interview with SOFTlab
    "We are not afraid to say something has failed. To a certain degree that is the first step to get to the next thing. I am interested in new work but I am not interested in sci-fi. I am interested in the cusp of unachievability… We do a lot of crazy digital and graphic work, but we would never propose it as architecture…. Our studio is product oriented. You have to produce. A lot of our work is not built. It is just built in different media."
    (tags:art design architecture )
  • Carlos Casas: unedited interview transcript: The Mire
    "The use of radio frequencies came as an accident. I was using the radio to listen to some stories that were happening between isolated people in Patagonia, that also was our only way of communication, the telephone somehow. One day I started to film with the radio as a sound source, no natural sound only the radio connected to the camera. I was filming Pool, what I considerer my first Fieldwork, and the pool itself was acting as the antenna as an enhancer of the signals that were populating that place. That experience was key. I understood that radio waves inhabit the atmosphere as much as other sounds, they are an integral part, carriers of information, in a hauntological way somehow…"
    (tags:haunt sound film )
  • Evan Douglis: Moon Jelly
    "Given our predisposition for even greater control today over an ever-increasingly complex universe, the next generation of animate assemblies within the discipline of architecture will inevitably be comprised of a more complex amalgamation of scripted equations capable of reenacting the most spectacular effects. In response, our modular ceiling system and custom chandeliers for the Choice restaurant were specifically developed to test the potential of intricacy, animate form and material effects for an architecture of serial distraction."
    (tags:architecture design )
  • Time to Rethink Design
    "We are facing a pandemic of ?designed stuff? and we have reached a contamination point, a crisis for Design. Why are we not more pertubed and disturbed, why are we so tolerant? Should we not be calling for a guerrilla war against ?designerism? or do we need a revolution to cut the ties with the heroes of 20th Century Design?"
    (tags:pdfmag design )
  • Oddica
    PDF art magazine.
    (tags:pdfmag art )

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