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Expo Ho

As is "wagons ho," not "WHORES." You fool.

Tomorrow I am off to London MCM Expo, held at the ExCel down by the river there. Signing for an hour or two (basically, until I get tired, which will be fast, as I’ve been going non-stop for months) from 2pm. And then watching Templesmith give a live demonstration of "riding the squid."

Templesmith remembers to generate a handy graphic about his appearance there. I do not. So I remind you again that I’m there on the Saturday only. Sunday, I have to piss off home and assemble an Eglu for her indoors.

I will doubtless be posting from the Expo.



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  1. You’re assembling the Eglu yourself?

    When wife-the-artist finally persuaded (after much work) wife-the-shaman & I that having chickens was a Good Idea, she ordered the full install package from Eglu – a nice man in a van (who we immediately named The Chicken Installer) came over, put the Eglu together & provided two chickens.

    Had the thing 6 months now and it’s bloody good kit. Easy to maintain & clean, keeps out the very tenacious local foxes. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

  2. Mark Mark

    It’s only right one of the chikkenz is called “Arkady”.

  3. You call your woman “her indoors”? Cute. We’re in need of an eglu update, and there should be photos. and naming of chickens, besides arkady. Warren Ellis and the chickens. i guess you’re over your avian flu scare….:p

  4. chris george chris george

    Can’t believe I missed a Warren Ellis signing in london – I have been a fan for years and the first time in years (?) he does a signing anywhere near me and I turn my back and miss it. g u t t e d .

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