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Top Comic Book Sales Drop By A Fifth, Year On Year?

This March, it is estimated that Diamond Comics Distributors sold 5,567,648 of the top 200 comic books to American comic stores.

The previous March, it is estimated they sold 6,733,040 of the top 300 comic books.

That’s a drop of a fifth, year on year.”

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  1. Chris Chris

    Without having the data to look at the sales curve, it seems odd that they’re showing a drop in numbers using 1/3 smaller group of books.

  2. Liam Liam

    approx 5mil of the top 200 this year
    approx 6mil of the top 300 last year….

    Is that a typo, or is the maths wrong?

    Whats the sales for the top 200 last year? or 300 this year?

  3. I misunderstand. Is this not a GOOD statistic? 2/3 the titles sold only 1m fewer units. That’s an INCREASE, from 22K per title to almost 28K.

  4. Likely, the 33% rise in the price of most of the titles in the top 200 comic books, coupled with the fact that people generally have less money to spend on entertainment, has caused the decline in overall sales for the industry. Also, mainstream superhero comics have gotten more dumb over the past five years or so.

    I personally have stopped collecting individual issues in favor of collections. And when I buy collections, I’m more likely to buy something like Scalped or Ignition City or Incognito or Northlanders than I am to buy a disorganized collection of Captain America. For me at least, the serialized superhero stuff has gotten more expensive and less interesting, whereas the collected volumes of creator-owned comics for adults have become more appealing and cost-effective, especially with an Amazon discount.

  5. … with the shift from $2.99 to $3.99 cover price, it’s also an extra (almost) $2.1m USD, roughly 10% year-on-year, in gross revenue.

  6. I wonder if comics are mirroring beer sales here in the states- with the major brands stagnating while the smaller breweries grow?

  7. Fred Fred

    Those numbers are probably reversed. Estimates I’ve seen suggest that sales were up about 20% in March 2010, which contained five shipping days.

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