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Opens May 27, closes June 2, be sharp:

In his first solo exhibition, following the release of his monograph, artist Alex CF offers the public a unique opportunity to see his bizarre specimens in person – objects that have so far only been witnessed by private collectors, such as Maxime Chattam (author) or Reece Shearsmith (actor, League of Gentlemen) who wrote the foreword for his book, and will be lending pieces from his own collection for the show.

Alex has spent the last five years crafting wondrous relics of an alternate past – a rich tapestry of 19th century cryptozoological artifacts and creatures that challenge our understanding of the natural world: The mummified remains of a vampire child, the taxidermied corpse of a 7-foot-tall adult werewolf, the trappings of scientists and archaeologists pertaining to the study of these species in the form of antique research cases, amongst many other fascinating objects.


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  1. WOW. That is creepy and fascinating and if i saw that exhibit in person would probably wake up screaming for many nights but would also laugh the laugh of a frightened child who loves to be scared……

  2. Doyle Doyle

    Anyone who has the opportunity to see this certainly should take it. I’ve been following the man’s work since he was just posting it on DeviantArt and it is just tremendously beautiful stuff. Almost bought a couple of his early pieces, but installation art is a hard expense to justify for a university student.

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