67 Responses to “Your Weekend Was Not This Bad”


  2. I always root for the bull. Go toro!

  3. Oh lord!

  4. Personally, I always enjoy it when the bull gets a good hit in.


  6. No, but my WEEK sometimes is. Looks alot like a typical Monday, actually….

  7. I find it kinda wierd that most sites that have shown that pic have warned that it’s a “bit” gruesome and here it’s shown in it’s full glory straight away. Why not do this to the BME pics as well then?

  8. This is a very strong image. I wish it was conceptual. My Weekend was GREAT!

  9. YAY! Finally someone’s FINALLY posting some deep throat pics around here.

  10. OMG the bull hurt his horn!

  11. My first thought–after realizing that HOLY SHIT THAT GUY IS NOT SPITTING UP THAT IS A HORN COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH– was “dang, that bull is a bad-ass motherfucker!”

  12. No, no it wasn’t.

  13. You would think that a bull that wins would get a garland around it’s neck and be retired to a sunny pasture with a herd of the finest bovine beauties. But no, instead he gets the honor of becoming dog food. I wonder if Mr. Horns read the fine print before agreeing to the fight?

  14. The real winner here is the photographer.

  15. No comments…

  16. “Why not do this to the BME pics as well then?”

    Because that wouldn’t be as funny.

  17. Wow… that is quite a picture. And no, my weekend was pretty awesome compared to that…

  18. The saying, “you mess with the bull, you get the horns” had to come from somewhere.

  19. Dude that tracheotomy patient tried to swallow a whole bull!

  20. But not as good as the bull’s either…

  21. Well they do say that if you Fuck with the Bull you get the horns. I personally think the asshole deserved it, so good on the Bull.

  22. Did the dude die? don’t think i would come back from that…

  23. That’s gonna leave a mark.

  24. thing’s are looking up.

  25. Bravo! To the Bull!

  26. Looking at the other pictures, it doesn’t look like the bull’s weekend was stellar either, what with all the bleeding and all.

  27. my first thought: I wonder what bull horn tastes like? I hope the poor guy didn’t get dragged around by his jaw afterwards… that would just be embarrassing.

  28. That’s not actually that terrible an injury – the bull’s managed to avoid most of the major glands, hasn’t punctured the throat, maybe damaged the tongue and knocked some teeth out, but it’s quite harmless otherwise.

    On the other hand, the thrashing about the bull will do trying to scrape the icky hominid off its horn will do some serious damage.

    But on the gripping hand he was kinda asking for it going out in a ring dressed like that.

  29. “TASTE MY FUCK!”

  30. “But on the gripping hand”

    I bet you say “frell” or “frack” instead of “fuck,” too.

  31. Heh… At least the pic itself isn’t as bad as that gif of it happening that’s in circulation.

  32. It’s only fair for the bull to exact at least a little bit of revenge…
    I’m no animal rights activist, but 6 bulls killed per fight…goddamn that’s a bit excessive…

  33. …Or I have a malformed penis that is shaped like a mighty claw, whose “pincers” close as a result of the whole affair becoming fully engorged and I can use it to hold reasonably thin items of great importance if my other hands are full.

    In case any of the BME people need any new ideas for utilitarian modes of penii modification.

  34. “On the other hand, the thrashing about the bull will do trying to scrape the icky hominid off its horn will do some serious damage.”
    No, sadly it won’t.

  35. Excellent career choice.

  36. Ha!

  37. This provides a much better angle – the goring must have been through the matador’s left cheek – he’ll live. In other photos it seemed like a full-throated bore.

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  39. Sebastian- May 23rd, 2010 at 10:44 am
    You would think that a bull that wins would get a garland around it’s neck and be retired to a sunny pasture with a herd of the finest bovine beauties. But no, instead he gets the honor of becoming dog food.

    Actually not. He becomes “estofado de toro” and its delicious.

  40. I’m by no means a vegetarian, or for that matter, a champion of animal rights or something noble like that. But I do hate bullfighting. I don’t see the point in playing with my food.

    In my eyes bullfighting is an outdated tradition that just needs to lay down and die. Would’ve thought we as a species had evolved past the needless torture of animals for shits and0 giggles. Therefore in the case of bull vs matador, my sympathy never goes the way of the matador.

    FUCK the matador. Right in the horn wound.

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  42. This picture temporarily halted my ability to enjoy internet pornography.

  43. That is what they all should get for torturing those bulls.

  44. Good job bully, well done

  45. Hah. And I thought Duncan Keith losing seven teeth to a hockey puck today was bad…

  46. Good for the bull. It warms my heart every time I see one of these “bullfighter” assholes get well and truly messed up. The only thing that’d make my weekend better (because it was actually pretty good on its own merits) would be hearing that the son of a bitch died. One less bullfighter in the world is a step in the right direction.

  47. And thus starts a lower jaw piercing fuck fetish.

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  49. The cleaners in that place are going to be PISSED.

  50. i hate buillfight

  51. In the YouTube description, it says “a dramatic goring on Friday evening that had the crowd screaming in horror”. Presumably they were OK with the torture and slaughter of innocent animals

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  53. 0 x 1 para o touro!

  54. Shit ! missed him. Get the little Git next time HHHAAAAAAAAA

  55. thanks, that just made me feel a little better, I’ll hold on to ‘it could be worse’ like a sword of mortality, but it’s double edged.

  56. The bulls have barbs stuck into their genitals, so no, my weekend was not as bad as the bull’s.
    No sympathy for the bullfighter.

  57. The bull is fully pissed…………charge!!!!!
    The flamboyant flailing little monkey carcass is scared shitless at this point,
    shake it like a rat!

  58. i never liked animal abuse. Go toro! To bad things is that they must have killed the toro as well. cruel bastards!

  59. He’s quite lucky it didn’t go up his arse really….

  60. lol

  61. Let’s say he got the horn and not the boot. Maybe quite nice for a change!

  62. I have to agree with earlier posters: too bad the bull missed.

  63. was the man alive? it is a crazy sport man shit!!!!!!!!

  64. Where i work we get the horn in another place.

  65. please tell this pic is photoshopped…

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  67. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MeAz-Za44c&feature=related

    Now he’s doing well, but he wont be able to bullfught untill augost. He’s Name is Julio Aparicio and the bull’s name was Opíparo