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Station Ident: Choking

Yesterday was a washout: looks like I’m in London again early next week for more producer meetings. At this rate I may as well start renting a flat there…! Morning. Still warm here, but still peering at the sky suspiciously and expecting hot hail…

Taken by Ben Templesmith

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  1. Dave R Dave R

    Feel free to stop round mine! There will be alcohol and projected films.

  2. Nile Nile


    Hot hail… No, that’s cold hail. BIG cold hail, but still made up of ice-cold pellets of ice.

    Hot hail… Are we thinking of a light dusting of volcanic lapilli? Trouble is, the damn’ things cool very quickly when flying through the air. Unless you’re caught up in a pyroclastic flow but, even at the periphery of such a thing, you probably won’t be saying ‘hail’ for very long. Although you might get as far as the word ‘Mary’ before your lips turn to charcoal and your tongue boils.

    Too many distractions in a pyroclastic immolation. If we’re doing hot hail, I want people to notice, dammit!

    I wonder if ice meteors produce hot hail when they explode in midair: it takes time for ice to melt, and some of the fragments might be pea-sized and hot. Although they probably wouldn’t be much hotter than boiling point, as they would promptly disintegrate under the thermal stress and steam pressure.

    Mmmmm… Hot exploding hail. That’s got *style*.

    Any takers?

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