SPARKLINE: Surgical Club

His wife hadn’t seen him naked in ten years. An open relationship that was dead at the heart, by all accounts. She couldn’t explain the membership card for a “surgical club” in his wallet, nor the unusual scarring around his chest. Nor the seam that popped open to reveal a swing-wing ribcage. People wondered out loud about the nature of the “club” when they saw the UV tribal-style tattoos on his heart. Vaginal-fluid fingerprints on the aorta. Only when they saw the badly-reconnected pulmonaries did they begin to understand why the club was called “Heartswapping.”

SPARKLINES: ideas under 100 words. © Warren Ellis 2010

14 thoughts on “SPARKLINE: Surgical Club”

  1. I imagine Warren Ellis as an infant, being played videotapes in an early education sort of game – but instead of Beethoven and nature scenes, it’s obscure German pornography and rantings of cult leaders.

  2. “Vaginal-fluid fingerprints on the aorta,” may be the greatest passage written in the history of the English language. Joyce would be jealous.

  3. why do I spend time on Mr Ellis site I was asked last week…
    I told them you never know when the wave of awesome will break and what shape it will have on the sands.


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