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June 2005 Site Stats

Haven’t done one of these since March, as the Globat site stats thingy kept breaking.

For the month of June, this site spat in the eye of 71678 unique visitors, generating 1859351 hits over some 761763 page impressions (if I’m reading this right).

That’s fewer hits than March, which generated 2.75 million hits. But “hits” means every file called, and after March I moved most of my image files to Flickr hosting. More readers than ever, fewer individual hits registered on the site itself because the image files are somewhere else. 34 gigs of bandwidth with the images sucking up someone else’s bandwidth… it’s been a bit nuts, this month.

From what I can tell, something like nine thousand visits are down to Wil Wheaton, Wired and BoingBoing. (A lot of those sent by people wanting to see Silver AJ’s nails, and following up on the GLOBAL FREQUENCY pilot.)

54 people came in search of “japanese vagina.”

Also, “zombie dogs,” “jesus ultrasound” (I told it’d be a great band name), “katie west” and “arses” (which I refuse to accept is a coincidence).

Mer? You still have 26 search-string stalkers.

I am now accepting rich-ass sponsorship.

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