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Links for 2010-05-17

  • Cassini Double Play: Enceladus and Titan
    "About a month and a half after its last double flyby, NASA's Cassini spacecraft will be turning another double play this week, visiting the geyser moon Enceladus and the hazy moon Titan. The alignment of the moons means that Cassini can catch glimpses of these two contrasting worlds within less than 48 hours, with no maneuver in between."
    (tags:space )
  • Ecologies of Excess
    Whereas traditional patterns of urbanity sought to settle away from trash, Polymergy Waterscapes creates a floating aquatic society that inverses this relationship, using garbage as a generative device for new urbanism.
    (tags:architecture )
  • 200 Moments that Transformed Journalism, 2000-2009
    "These moments chronicle change in four critical areas (mouse over the icons at the lower left to reveal business, technology, news and social media). Many are drawn from research compiled for Poynter's "New Media Timeline," a resource that tracks developments from 1969 to the present. To view each of the years included in "200 Moments," click the date at the top of each column."
    (tags:dataviz journalism history )
  • Scientists Create Nanoscale Robot Spiders from DNA Molecules – GOOD Blog – GOOD
    "According to Science Daily, a team of interdisciplinary scientists from Columbia University, Arizona State University, the University of Michigan, and the CaliforniaInstitute of Technology have invented what may sound like an arachnophobe's worst nightmare: nanoscale robotic "spiders" small enough to crawl around on your DNA."
    (tags:sci med nano tech )

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