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The Cloud Of Next

It was almost warm out here for a little while. Working on a Wired UK column, having tossed a couple of versions already, and then taking another swing at the loglines for Project Plato. This week will probably be lots of short fast posts. Keep thinking about something Bruce said, that blogs are reaching the end of their cycle. True enough: Twitter has killed/replaced blogging for lots of people. What’s next? Nothing but shortcode payloads? I don’t see it. But then, the question invites binary thinking, which is always death. “what’s next,” these days, is always a cloud, not a single arrow.

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  1. It’s true that twitter has replaced blogging for quite a few people, but it depends on what you’re trying to say (and, obviously, how much). With less people blogging, perhaps the quality of blogs will go up. Besides, prophesizing the death of anything is a thankless business.

  2. I think that Niche interests and citizen journalism will keep blogs for some time. Although many of the weekend bloggers (i.e. 98% of the sphere, not necessarily the significant part) will move or is moving to microblogging and Social Network-based blogging/texting. Twitter being a perfect example of a such a social App.

  3. I love Mr. Sterling as much as the next guy, but at this point listening to his prognostications is like heeding the word of a moon-man academic – he may have some valid points about the drift of continents, but I’m not about to take his advice on off-track betting.

    Before blogs we had E/N and after blogs we’ll have linear sites made up of globular portions of text called long-pages. (Or similar.)

    I think what we’re really seeing is social networking culling amateur users. The folks who would ‘blog’ about themselves and their dogs all day are now doing similar on twitter. It’s pretty easy to squeeze 600 words of not-content into 140 characters of not-content (and a link to a picture of their Shih Tzu).

  4. DMc DMc

    What’s next? Hopefully a good aggregator.

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