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The Naked President

So a bunch of people online told me I needed to find a copy of Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato’s DARK AVENGERS #16, the final issue of that Marvel series. So I did. And in the back, in a Bendis-written afterword to the series and the huge chain of Marvel event projects Bendis created and that it concludes, I find this:


I’ve joked in the past that I redefined the Marvel universe by doing that sequence in THUNDERBOLTS where Norman Osborn gives a seemingly endless eight-page monologue about how he should be running everything while walking around stark bollock naked…

But, joking aside, I’m actually quite touched by this. Thanks, Brian. It made me smile. I feel like a complete outsider in the commercial comics business, most of the time, and this was just a really nice thing to say about me.

The rest of you shouldn’t worry. I still hate you all.

In other news… god, I don’t have the strength to go through the codebook list again. My pain levels are still pretty high. Add Project SD to the list — though that one might go straight into the Loose Ideas folder, as I’m not sure I’m going to have time to write it.

(Writer Notes: Loose Ideas folders are great. Any half-formed idea that you think might have potential to become something someday? Type it into a .txt file of its own and fling it into a folder marked Loose Ideas. Make sure it’s linked to your backups. A Loose Ideas folder is saving for the future. One day, you’re going to find in that folder the exact thing you need at that moment, whether it be a new project or a bit of business that fixes the script or book in front of you.)

I have a Work FAQ at Whitechapel.

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  1. Meat Popsicle Meat Popsicle

    I have been using a loose ideas folder forever, But I tend to just call it the “Random Shit” folder, and yes it has saved my behind a few times.

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