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  1. mkhall mkhall

    Between having just finished reading the print version of DA1 and seeing this mind-map for DA2 I’m beside myself with excitement.

    Well, not perhaps beside myself, but I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. Keith Keith

    Will DA2 be filtered through the robot brain of Jack Kirby as well or some other simulated automaton?

  3. romanesco romanesco

    Interested if Nigel Kneale was a hurried remembrance – seemingly obvious place is in parallel with Delia in the little space below Electrical Storm?

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Really, he could have gone in anywhere on the right hand side, and may yet move, but in that moment I was specifically relating him to the Belbury Poly metanarrative, cf THE STONE TAPE, final QUATERMASS

  5. why have you made a list of my all time favourite things? Stoppit – GET OUT OF MY BRAIN! Oh wait, you missed out John Foxx and John Sladek.

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