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Project Drill: writing on pause due to Agent J being abducted by radioactive wrestlers. Contract being beaten out.

Project R: in with the producers in rough form, we’ll find out if it’s got legs.

Project U: much the same.

Project F: I think Friday night will be spent going at a draft of the pilot script with hammers. It’s not cohesive or funny enough. Eleven pages should not be giving me this much trouble.

Project SVK: filling a Field Notes notebook with chicken scratch and diagrams.

Project Plato, also known as Project S: need to take another swing at that this week, I don’t like the episode breakdown. Agent L is getting fidgety.

Project V: I have no idea, frankly. Weird job, entirely outside my usual axis.

Novel 2a: the first 10k words are not where I want them. Going to spend tomorrow night at that, with a scalpel and some plaster.

Project H: comics project. Have to sit down on Saturday and see if I can actually do this one.

All immensely frustrating, in one way or another. Also, I’m clearly going to run out of letters soon, if some of these projects don’t pop into fruition in the near future. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Lex Machina in a shirt we sell.


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  1. Peter Peter

    Is LISTENER 2a? Any update on the giant chunks of that book consumed by gremlins a few years ago?

  2. […] work, even though I’m not sure anyone would care. (I could start giving projects code names like Warren Ellis does, but then, he only did so after a good deal of […]

  3. Unless your ability to keep track of passwords is far better than my own, by this point you almost have to be employing some sort of list of what each project/agent code actually means.

    So the question is, how many (that is, how few, since I’m poor) of our devalued American dollars Lilith would accept in return for, say, diverting that list to Rich Johnston. (Not that I feel a particular need to have these secrets, so much as it seems too temptingly amusing to pull a loose thread and unravel this increasingly complex weave of codes. This whole code business itself is at least half for a laugh anyway, right?)

  4. mark mark

    I can see the issue from here the good man needs more drink

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