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  1. Billy McBrie Billy McBrie

    But…I thought you hated nine-panel grids?

  2. Mike H Mike H

    Isnt Fell done on nine-panel grids?

  3. I like the thought here, the only problem I have seen with a tall layout like that is that the “fold” between top and bottom also needs to be accounted for. If something gets split between viewable sections without a good way to direct the eye, it seems to cause all sorts of visual issues.

    Then again, I might be picky.

  4. Still holding it back. It’s based on accommodating paper reprint. Waiting for you to do a Damn Print, Here’s One Just For iPad version.

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Not all of us have an Aspergie devotion to digital-only.

    I don’t even *have* a fucking iPad. MOST PEOPLE don’t have a fucking iPad.

  6. tobot tobot

    reading comics on any form of screen sucks IMHO i need to feel the pulp under my fingers :-)

  7. Owen Owen

    I think vertical is interesting, three small units in a single unit means a lot of thought about the ‘story’ of each page, but you’re one of the best at that. Lots of scope for depth too, plenty of alternate beats on a single screen. Is a print version the reason you ruled out two tiers and an extra horizontal panel?

  8. Craig Craig

    The second biggest problem I see Warren, is that you are grappling with the same issue web designers are: trying to account for how your material will be viewed when you have NO CONTROL over it. There is no solution. I personally read digital comics via ComicBook Reader and have it set to max out the width on my 21″ CRT. Yes I have to scroll, but I find it glorious to look at.

    The biggest problem in my opinion is that this is starting to head down the form dictates content path. Sure it’s useful and invigorating to throw some restrictions on yourself, but too much is a bad thing. Actually this thought is aimed more at the comic fools that are charging into the iPad walled garden.

    Speaking of the iPad, Warren please give the world a nice hard anti-iPad rant. I’m totally sick of that shit. Mike Cane you are a punk assed bitch.

  9. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    One approaches a new piece by any path that’ll get you there. If thinking about form first sets off some interesting connections, then I’ll take them. There’s no wrong way to do this shit. Form dictates content all the time. You watch television, right? The initial thoughts about form do not have to survive to production. It can just be a place to start.

    Ultimately, everybody scrolls on the web — you’re scrolling to read this now — so tiers make a degree of sense, to impose some logic and structure on the scrolling. FREAKANGELS is two-tier for a reason.

  10. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    “When” I get an iPad I’ll want to launch a paygated website and become an Apple shareholder, like that guy?

  11. Neb Neb

    Don’t tell me they’ve released the fucking one *already*? We’re screwed.

  12. Illogic Illogic

    He is that guy from the looks of it, so I’d imagine that’d be exactly what he wants.

  13. Craig Craig


  14. Nick Donald Nick Donald

    The things I find interesting here are:
    a) Does each project have its own note book?
    b) Still smoking, then?

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