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Home from London, after a mental-health day taken to go and see Francois Roche lecture. Absolutely fascinating, as expected, and it was lovely to see Francois and Stephanie again, however briefly. I got invited to dinner but had to tear off somewhere else, and at that latter appointment had slightly too much to drink to safely manage a transfer to the intended last stop of the night, so I decanted myself into my hotel room and was considering opening another bottle and finishing the job when my email retched and spat forth that which I will now refer to as Project H, a six-issue comics serial with a veeeerrry long lead time.

At some point I’ll type up my notes from the Roche talk. I didn’t try to note down his train of thought — frankly, I’m not sure that’s completely possible — but I did jot down the terms and phrases that were particularly interesting or resonant to me.

Here’s a showreel of Francois and Stephanie’s, that I just found on The You Tubes.

("Viab" is a great word. It’s the term they use for the mechanical tentacle they built that sprays generative architecture in bio-concrete.)

Came home, wrote some Project Nowhere at the pub (approaching a complete first episode now), caught up on the internet a bit, and now I’m listening to Leyland Kirby and wondering what’s next.

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  1. >>>I didn’t try to note down his train of thought

    See, this is the things that really pisses me off. There is YouTube, et al, these days. Every single one of these things should have *someone* taping in order to share it. I’m real pissed that the Doctor Who team appeared at Apple Store SoHo here in NYC, with *three* cameras covering it, yet Apple releases it as an *audio* podcast and for whatever reason only *ten* minutes of it winds up as video on — of all places — YouTube (go figure that!). Harlan Ellison once lamented that no one documented all the writers, editors, artists, etc, who appeared at conventions in the 1960s and 1970s. History lost. We should be able to prevent that. And you shouldn’t have to take notes. You should be able to call it up at whim online.

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