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  1. CarCrazyChris CarCrazyChris

    Makes me want to go live on the side of a mountain alone

  2. Nile Nile

    A posthuman wasteland of inhuman monuments: dead ground, blank concrete, billboard advertising and electical utilities.

    I preferred the grime and the industrial decay. Things lived there, People lived there. People worked there, with far better things to do than spray-painting plastic grass the corporate-approved green colour copyrighted by the Development Authority.

  3. docgerbil1000 docgerbil1000

    Stratford, East London. I live here. It was okay when I moved in a decade ago (not too many people, great shopping, lots of open space), now it’s an over-urbanised hole full of building-sites. And seriously, if anyone – and I mean anyone, anywhere on Planet Earth – knows precisely why that smaller building looks like a giant upside-down sanitary towel, we’d all really like to know, thanks.

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