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  1. Ben Ben

    Satan’s Onyx’ tubes of death

  2. one cute baby comes.
    one man with a eel up his arse die…
    circle of life.

  3. “Discarded cigarettes and empty cans of Red Bull were found on site. Police rule cause of death as ‘poetic justice’.”


  4. I should perhaps clarify that the previous post was *not* meant to imply the internet jesus as the victim. Just the culprit. If I hadn’t clarified, I fear the eels might be coming for me, next.


  5. I’m disappointed. No link to BMEzine?

  6. Seth Seth

    Just goes to show, be careful who you drink with. Or they will shove live eels up your ass.

  7. hecka hecka

    kleer001 beat me to it.

  8. Apparently, it was a joke friends played on him when he fell asleep drunk.

    It’s actually not uncommon, I remember some dude got his colon blown apart when his mates at the auto repair shop stuck an air hose up his ass as a joke.

    I’m glad my friends come in small, manageable groups I can overpower and or outrun.

  9. greggvl greggvl

    I’ll have to remember this.

    File it under “Momento: Moray”.

  10. Jason Jason

    I see a house episode

  11. Nick Donald Nick Donald

    In the immortal words of Randy Marsh:


  12. Not sure I ever want to post on Whitechapel again now. I have The Fear.

  13. theblackscorpio theblackscorpio

    Oh, perish the images this gives me in my mind ;_;

  14. kmcleod kmcleod

    Blame it on the goose
    Got you feeling loose
    Blame it on petron
    Got you in the zone

    Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
    Blame it on the a a a a a a alcholl

  15. James Bong James Bong

    That website is disgusting and informative.

  16. @greggvi: I was floundering for something witty to say. “Momento: Moray” beats anything else.

    Well played. :D

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