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Right, then. It turns out that DO ANYTHING (here’s a nice review) is available for any comic shop to order immediately. It’s not on backorder, and anyone who tells you they can’t order it for you is full of shit. Tell your local comics shop that the order code for DO ANYTHING is FEB100700. Tell them I sent you.

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  1. Loyal


    I have my copy, and I’m quite enjoying it.

  2. nigredo


    Picked it up today at Gosh! comics, in London.

  3. Ryne Tate

    Ryne Tate

    I just called my comic shop he’s ordering it today. I guess he sold out on it already. Love to support the local comic shop whenever possible.

  4. Brandon


    Waiting for payday, but I know my local shop is advertising that it’s in stock.

  5. I pre-ordered it ages ago from ComCav and haven’t gotten it yet :(

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