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Links for 2010-04-27

  • Recovering the music of ashes
    "WHEN Anastasia Russell-Head and Jim Batt talk about making music, they delight in using phrases that make your imagination run wild. One such term is ''archaeoacoustics'', a beguiling though somewhat questionable theory based on the idea that objects carry sounds with them as they travel through time…"
    (tags:music haunt )
  • The One Million Megawat | THIS IS WEIRD VIBRATIONS // the politics of sound
    "Dhammakaya is a very new movement within Buddhism, and breaks from many of its classical precepts. As a philosophy, it has roots in the early 20th century, with a revered monk named Luang Phor Sodh who purportedly rediscovered a long-lost method of attaining enlightenment. In fact, the current sect is a posthumous interpretation of Luang Phor?s teachings that wasn?t founded until the 1970s, and its leaders are at least as successful as entrepreneurs as they are as philosophers."
    (tags:architecture cult )
  • BBC News – Chile cult leader Schaefer dies in Chile prison
    "Paul Schaefer, a former Nazi army corporal who founded a cult-like community in Chile, has died in jail."
    (tags:crime history cult )
  • Diana McCarthy: 23 character designs
    'Out of the 23 character designs shown here only 15-18 will be included in the AGRESHUN series. I just wanted to share them with you guys to get your feedback on which you would like to see."
    (tags:comics peopleiknow )
  • Back home – Charlie’s Diary
    Welcome home, Charlie (he was stranded in Japan due to Icelandic Geo-Fart)
    (tags:peopleiknow )

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