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Links for 2010-04-26

  • On Fracking and Human Folly – Blinding Science – GOOD
    "Hydraulic fracturing has a totally excellent nickname: fracking… Fracking (and I'm going to continue to call it that, because the word is awesomely onomatopoetic) works like this: find a crack in the rock and shoot water, some sand, and other chemicals into the crack to make it bigger until you hit something useful, like natural gas…."
    (tags:geo eco )
  • New ITV Boss to Shake Up ITV Studios ?
    "His predecessor Michael Grade trumpeted that he wanted ITV Studios to provide three quarters of all ITV?s programming. By law independent producers must supply the rest. Instead, the percentage of programmes supplied by ITV Studios has declined. In 2005 ITV Studios provided 66% of the network?s schedule. Last year that fell to 47%."
    (tags:tv )
  • Ancient artifacts revealed as northern ice patches melt
    "High in the Mackenzie Mountains, scientists are finding a treasure trove of ancient hunting tools being revealed as warming temperatures melt patches of ice that have been in place for thousands of years."
    (tags:history )

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