T-Shirt Of The Week: Everything Must Continue To Go

April 26th, 2010 | Work

A huge response to last week’s big "everything is available" blowout, plus continuing difficulties and timesinks here at Mission Control, mean that we’re continuing said blowout for another week, and rebooting next week.

So, yes, everything’s still available at the IEU store for one more week, ending Sunday night.

2 Responses to “T-Shirt Of The Week: Everything Must Continue To Go”

  1. Oh fuckyeah! I’m totally broke until Friday and I thought I was gonna miss out on this! Thank you for continuing this.

  2. You may want to point out your own T-Shirt celebration of National Poetry Month with your rather cunning adaptation of William Carlos Williams’ poem, This is Just to Say….

    Also, PLEASE? (Bumplepuppy Bumblepuppy Bummblepuppy)
    I’ll send ya my best boobquake shot…….