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How Did It Get To Be Monday Again?

Aaag, Mondays. Always a nightmare day. Need to finish a script, but it’s unlikely to happen because, aaag, Mondays. I’m going to be buried in admin and bits of things, like polishing off a pitch, Project R, going out in tandem with a production company, and peering at notes on Project S, a non-comics serial project with a friend that may or (likely) may not go anywhere. Sometimes, a lot of this job can involve throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Also, I desperately need to work out the middle four or five pages of FELL 10, which are giving me a pain in my sack at the moment. On top of that, I have to review a bunch of notes I made last year on two comics things, Project Bones and Project Nowhere (named with mild sarcasm because I know there’s something useful there but it goes nowhere, Which happens. Not every story idea actually has a story shape nestling inside it. Those ideas go back into the Loose Ideas folder and, more often than not, get subsumed into something else. IGNITION CITY hung around for more than 15 years as no more than "earth’s last spaceport, a circular artificial island with launchpads all around the edge").

(This is why I say: make notes. Hold on to them. Neil Gaiman waited something like twenty years to write THE GRAVEYARD BOOK.)

Watched part of a Bruce Sterling lecture last night where he conjures the image of Al-Queda in fetish gear and calls it "Warren Ellis territory." Not sure I can argue with that.

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