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And Then Not London

Not so useful a day in the end. Meeting postponed then finally cancelled/vanished due to some nebulous family trouble. Life In 2050 was maybe twelve pieces, mostly obscured by hipsters and way too many staff members (to the point where you had to ask them to move to see the art) in a tiny venue (though Tom Muller’s piece was fantastic). Arrived early at The Social for the Tapebox gig, hoping to catch a bit of what was happening there, to discover that nothing was happening there except a DJ playing Black Lace-esque 80s summer novelty pop. Went on to Koko at invitation of Amanda and Neil, to essentially be told to fuck off by security. Came home. And now there’s an episode of FREAKANGELS to be written. I have a very large mug of very strong coffee with good whisky in it, I have a fine playlist on the speakers, and I have a fun piece of story to write.

How you know you’re a writer? When sitting down to write at midnight is the good part of the day.

Join me.

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  1. Shitsticks. Still, yeah. Being able to write is never a disappointment. Although mainly I just put other people’s words into a different order. But that’s awesome too.

  2. Damien Damien

    An inspiration for the children

  3. Dan Dan

    Was the Koko gig at the overcapacity level? Would this prompt the “fuck off” from security? Very alienating the thought of such an abrasive verbal slap in the face for such a situation on a minor level of inconvenience.

  4. Nothing like the witching hour to start writing in so many less distractions.

  5. >>>How you know you’re a writer? When sitting down to write at midnight is the good part of the day.

    Goddam right. Being on a day schedule is murder.

  6. Sean Azzopardi Sean Azzopardi

    Well, that’s Camden for you.

  7. I work ’round the clock shifts for four weeks at a time, then I get two weeks off. Most of which I end up being called back to work anyway. I couldn’t agree more though – being able to sit down and write, especially with decent music, maybe a glass of wine? Soothes the soul no end.

  8. Gadzooks, you haven’t told me to fuck off yet.(Bumplepuppy Tees Please!)

    So, join you as a writer or in your whisky/coffee?

    I have joined you in writing anyway. By day I am a slave to the Man, the system, the asphyxiating red tape. I write reports policies procedures guidelines and the occasional press release… night, the real work. stories untold.

    But first, wee erotic poems, just to get the blood pumping. Brain~tease myself alive.

    And you, lovely man, have figured rather prominently lately in the exercise of wet dream awakening. So screw off days-the night belongs to you.

  9. Johns Johns

    Look, if I was sober I might, but as it is Rich Johnston’s SPECIAL SPINOFF FEATURE: BIZARRE PENISES sounds like a good idea. If I master the fine art of sobering up I’ll regret this. Until then, I have dialogue to accomplish!

  10. How do you know you’re a writer? When you can’t sleep for all the stupid words that always demand to come out in the middle of your sleep.

    I’m really pleased with my new shirt, Warren. I’m performing at the Minnesota Science Museum next week, and planning on wearing it.

  11. Chad Fidler Chad Fidler

    In it’s own way, it sucks to be ahead of the curve. But in the end you know that you are producing something more real than any layman can conceive.

  12. Seth Keil Seth Keil

    even when your day is disappointing, your take on it makes mine better. Thanks for being so consistently full of awesome.

  13. *growls badly*

  14. cjstevens cjstevens

    Those Security c$%^s are lucky they didn’t get a serious ass-eeling and a cane across the eyes. How the hell does the Warren Ellis get told to fuck off from Koko after getting a personal invitation from the performers???

    Still, in a weird way its comforting to know that even famous and respected people succumb to the relentless crap of life..x

  15. Dan Kell Dan Kell

    Really gutted that you and Neil didn’t get to meet – I saw you out on the Smoking Terrace when I was having a wander between Melissa and Amanda and raised by pint to you, but felt better not to approach :)

    Perhaps twitter is right and the universe really is conspiring to keep two such vast forces apart!

  16. Prest Prest

    Missed a good show. And I doubt Koko was at maximum dense, it was still easy enough to move around.

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