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notebook 20apr10


(from the final Alexander McQueen collection)



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  1. mark mark

    The storyline thing is something looks even more odd when you look at old tv shows from the 70’s like hill street blues to any thing more fast paced as the old show had one at most two story line and where then done.

    It’s like dvd box sets have fucked tv for good you miss one show game over.

  2. Christian Christian

    @mark I read an interesting analysis of how TV used to be a growing market, so they plotted everything to be watchable by anyone starting from any point (Gilligan’s Island). Now, as the TV market is shrinking, they’re trying to hold onto as many viewers as they can, which means hardcore fans and depth (Lost fans). Obviously, idk if that’s a conscious decision, but it’s a cool correlation, in any event. (Damn. I can’t remember if that was Doctorow or Gibson… Sounds like something Doctorow would say).

    That graph makes me sad… I plot out 3 or 4 things at most, per story I write. plotfail! :(

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