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Links for 2010-04-19

  • Golden Apples, Crimson Stew | HiLobrow
    "The elite, however, were dining on the less fortunate, and probably to a significant extent. Estimates surpass thirty thousand sacrifices a year towards the end, and even more during the dedications of temples. Not all of these were eaten, obviously, but when they were, what were they eating people with?"
    (tags:history )
  • 1. Time. History Under Atemporality |
    "Notwithstanding the claim that network culture is ahistorical, in this chapter I suggest that it is possible to create a fold in that condition, understanding network culture as a historical process, an intensification of pre-modern, modern and postmodern temporalities as well as a unique condition of its own. Now whereas a historical account of the disappearance of the modern sense of history is a tricky proposition, it is also by no means an epistemological contradiction. For if quite recently we still had the capacity to think temporally, going further back in time reveals that modernity produced a sense of historical consciousness. Thus, by understanding just how and why individuals began to think about the world temporally, we may throw our own era into heightened relief."
    (tags:theory culture )
  • 3D printer could build moon bases
    " An Italian inventor, Enrico Dini, chairman of the company Monolite UK Ltd, has developed a huge three-dimensional printer called D-Shape that can print entire buildings out of sand and an inorganic binder. The printer works by spraying a thin layer of sand followed by a layer of magnesium-based binder from hundreds of nozzles on its underside. The glue turns the sand to solid stone, which is built up layer by layer from the bottom up to form a sculpture, or a sandstone building."
    (tags:architecture space fabbing )
  • Quote of the Week: Jaron Lanier?s ?Gadget?
    "We are not at the end of musical history, nor is it in sight. Enchanted by new tools, we may be basking for the moment in that very newness, but only to make sense of them, to adopt them into our practice. We may as a culture simply be covering the past as we give those tools a test ride."
    (tags:music culture writing )
  • R. Budd Dwyer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Children, however, responded to (Budd Dwyer's suicide) by creating a cycle of black comedy jokes similar to those that circulated after the Challenger disaster. A study of the incidence of these jokes showed that they were told only in areas of Pennsylvania where uncensored footage of the press conference had been shown by networks."
    (tags:social )

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