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Since Monday is rarely a good workday — it tends to get broken up by admin and emails and bits and pieces, so I don’t get the space for a good long train of thought — I’m spending a couple of hours tuning my RSS feed capture.

My RSS reading comes in three flavours. I have a desktop app, Feed Demon, that brings things to me in close to realtime. Feed Demon got subsumed into Google Reader, so, when I don’t want realtime, I can bring that up in a browser. And I have an app called Reeder for the goddamned iPhone, which is a glorious thing so long as I’m in a civilised part of the world and therefore have 3G.

I currently have 119 feeds in my capture. Today I’ll be weeding some of those out — some of the music blogs got killed by Blogger, some other sites I follow have wandered off into the tall grass or otherwise grown less interesting to me.

I am hunting the New. It’s all out there. You’ve just got to find it.

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  1. May I suggest giving us a look at Misc. brain mulch, mostly, some talk of creative process, brief interviews and irrational speculation.

  2. When you finish fine tuning your Google Reader subscription feed, I’d love to see your final list. I bet I’m not the only one.

  3. Interesting – I have 111 subscriptions (your blog being one of them), and I’m always on the lookout for anything which seems interesting. I prune feeds when they annoy me one too many times – or when I notice that they haven’t been active in a month or two (I only use Google Reader since I use a few different computers and OS’es).

    The best place for me to find new and interesting stuff is via blogs (or other such sites) which link to other blogs (again, and other sites) often.

    I figure you probably already subscribe to BoingBoing… and Laughing Squid. For film related stuff I suggest Pajiba, for tech related stuff The Register, for some laughs The Onion, for design Curved White, and for general interesting stuff The Frontal Cortex.

    Also, I agree with sean – I’d love to see what you subscribe to :)

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