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Received Goods 19apr10

I write about things I like, here, in the hopes that you like them too and that they become more widely known. It’s about the attention economy and doing what’s right, rather than getting hold of boxes of swag.

I’ve written here before about the wonderful group Natural Snow Buildings. I believe I also mentioned how pissed off I was that time conspired against me and I didn’t get to see them (on the same bill as Grouper and Fennesz) recently. I don’t know them or anything. I most recently linked to their free-download album THE CENTAURI AGENT.

A box just arrived via FedEx from my book agent. It is filled with records, tapes and CDs. And on top was this note:


My day is officially made. Mehdi and Solange, thank you. That was incredibly kind.

(also, I think I just received the soundtrack for the graphic novel I’m currently writing.)

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  1. Dmitry Dmitry

    And what graphic novel would that be Mr E?

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