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Links for 2010-04-18

  • Ubiquitous Service Design
    "…we must develop a vocabulary that includes what Karl Fast calls "medium-independent conceptual constructs." In other words, we need better ways of talking about information interaction across channels."
    (tags:design theory )
  • russell davies: pretending apps
    "Because I don't think Dan's gone far enough. I think he's suggesting that we can learn from Movie OSs to make things more usable and easy to grasp. I think we should do it to make them more fun."
    (tags:design computing )
  • Tri-Axium Writings excerpt – Vol. 1: World Music – organissimo jazz forums – The best jazz discussion forum on the web!
    "the present reality of western information dynamics is geared to focus more on the surface of a given focus, as opposed to 'what is most true' about that focus, and this phenomenon has come to profoundly distort our perception of everything – including creativity. The end result of this cultural attitude sheds light on the times we now live in, for, to many people, the meta-reality of a given creative projection is a subject not worthy of serious thought. …every day the realness of creativity becomes less and less clear – and this is true on many different levels."
    (tags:writing nutter weird )

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