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Links for 2010-04-10

  • a ?cyborg planet? ? mammoth /
    "Erle Ellis suggests that we need to start thinking about (and, presumably, constructing) a ?cyborg planet?, where machines can feed us data directly from nature (?clouds twitter and the forests all have facebook?), allowing us to understand ourselves and natural processes as part of a singular, networked planetary ecology ? which already exists and which we are already conducting mass experiments on, whether we understand the web of connections or not…"
    (tags:eco comms )
  • a preliminary atlas of gizmo landscapes ? mammoth
    " Until we see that the iPhone is as thoroughly entangled into a network of landscapes as any more obviously geological infrastructure (the highway, both imposing carefully limited slopes across every topography it encounters and grinding/crushing/re-laying igneous material onto those slopes) or industrial product (the car, fueled by condensed and liquefied geology), we will consistently misunderstand it. Take a single instance of iPhone use ? Jimmy Stamp?s afternoon of coffee-shop sleuthing in Brooklyn, for example. Think what a vast array of landscapes are tenuously tethered to that single moment…"
    (tags:eco phone comms )
  • BLDGBLOG: Sydney Beaches, Future Towers, and How to Park Cars on the Moon
    "…it's Marcus's roving and very widespread field of interests that made gravestmor so appealing, and that Super Colossal extends today?whether it's his ongoing explorations of comic book architecture, steampunk spaces, the racial politics of Sydney beaches, how to park cars on the moon, urban space as depicted in the work of J.G. Ballard, his suggestion that China might really be a USB external harddrive for the French, and much more…"
    (tags:architecture design )
  • Passfail
    "I was bored so I started rummaging through my stuff trying to find something to read when I grabbed my boarding pass. So I stared at it for a while. Rubbed my eyes, then stared at it some more. It was like someone put on a blindfold, drank a fifth of whiskey, spun around 100 times, got kicked in the face by a mule (the person who designed this definitely has a mule living with them inside their house) and then just started puking numbers and letters onto the boarding pass at random…"
    (tags:design )
  • Envisioning Your Future in 2020 | Blog | design mind
    "The day-long event led to an extensive online feature: ?Your Life in 2020,? a collection of illustrated concepts and videos that envision the future of ubiquitous computing. In that future, your computer is not only incorporated into every aspect of your life but is a part of you. With this in mind, we imagined how future technology would influence the key areas of Social, Travel, Commerce, Healthcare, and Media. Here's what we came up with…"
    (tags:future design tech social )
  • ASB :: Cover Archive
    "This archive is about graphic design. I've attempted to label each cover with a date and, where possible, a designer (or design firm). The designs are the publisher's property, and are here as an educational tool and as things to be enjoyed."
    (tags:covers design )

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