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Tribe Tries Again is pushing their new Profile system out of beta and into the hands of us plebs. Mine is at

It brings back some of the functionality and ease that has, to me, lost in their successive iterations. A while back, they made their “tribes” (mini messageboard communities) RSS-accessible, which I’m told has been great — but by then Tribe had already gone through something of a dieback. They’re trying the “hub” thing — handling all of your web-use through the single profile page. You can aggregate your RSS feeds on it, blog through it, launch your IM programs off it… does a lot of what a cultural hub should do, in fact. Tribe may become useful as a networking tool again.

Worth a quick look, anyway.

— W

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  1. It’s all Warren Ellis’ fault
    For once, Mr. Harris is not to blame. After Mr. Ellis’ note about the changes to, I decided to sign up again for a while and see how useful it was. I’d originally quit because it seemed way

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