April 6th, 2010 | microlog

Diana McCarthy takes it upon herself to illustrate the real story behind my last WIRED UK column. Also she is fucked in the head

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  1. I do believe I love this Diana McCarthy person.

  2. I second that. Saw that strip before reading the Wired article earlier, pretty funny stuff :D Warren, you need to talk Diana into letting us grab print versions of that piece and a few of her others, Snowman Ellis included hahahaa

  3. Oh, dear, that is funny.

  4. For fuck sake, tell me this is a ongoing web comic. Please?

    We need more of this kind of insanity.

  5. That’s absolutely fantastic.

    The title made my balls pull up into my stomach in delight!


  7. That was epic, I agree with the lads above, someone needs to ask her to continue with Warren in outer space.

    You know what though, that girls site is not full of art, no, it’s full of pornography. That’s how good those illustrations are.