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Links for 2010-04-06

  • Synthetic Aesthetics
    "Synthetic Aesthetics – a research project jointly run by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and Stanford University, California – aims to bring together synthetic biologists, social scientists, designers, artists, and other creative practitioners, to explore existing and potential collaborations between synthetic biology and the creative professions. Interaction between these two broad fields has the potential to lead to new forms of engineering, new schools of art and design, a greater social scientific understanding of science and engineering, and new approaches to societal engagement with synthetic biology."
    (tags:design biotech )
  • Mashable – Blog – Dribbble: Twitter for Designers
    "Part image library, part discussion forum and part game, Dribbble is a site by and for designers. Users upload bite-sized work samples and do a show-and-tell on their latest creations or works in progress."
    (tags:design web social )
  • ?Holy Ghost? relocates his flock to Montana
    A religious group led by a man who claims to be the Holy Ghost has moved to Montana after a brief stay in a small Idaho town where residents protested the group?s building plans.
    (tags:cult nutter )
  • Taxis and a City’s Vital Signs
    Cited as painting "a grand urban portrait", "a record of a city's vital signs", and perhaps an M.R.I of the city, such data allows us to observe the waking up and dying down of a city's daily cycle: rush hour, night life trends, seasonal tourist routes and everything else in between
    (tags:cities tech net )

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