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Apparently, TWO-STEP, a sciencefictional romance with guns and swearing in three issues that I wrote for Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti to draw, is being collected into a trade paperback by DC. It was originally published… god, 2003?

Anyway. Amanda and Jimmy drew the shit out of it. And there’s a bloke in there who fucks cars. And it’s going to be out as a book in November.


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  1. Just one day, Big Daddy. Just one. One teency weency little day to shrink and zoom around inside your brain and see what i can see. That’s all I’m asking.

  2. kozmund kozmund

    Wonderful! I picked up the first two singles and missed the last one when it came out so I thought I’d have to wait a Ruin-style length of time to finish it. Ok, it’s still a pretty damn long time, but still.

  3. J. J.

    I enjoyed Two-Step in a kind of, “what if Ellis took the same art team from ‘The Pro'” curiosity. Of course, here comes the girl with cameras mounted on her breasts, giant detachable penises the size of cellos and a guy who fucks cars until they explode.

  4. nigredo nigredo

    Ha! Got that one. Awesome artwork and a hilarious story. They finally remembered that, did they?

  5. I know you won’t know, because they never tell the writer, but I hope this will make its way to the iPad too.

  6. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    DC appear not to have a digital comics strategy at this time.

  7. >>>DC appear not to have a digital comics strategy at this time.

    Oh fuck. Well, wait til I get my iPad. I will do some screaming at them once I get into the comics side of things.

  8. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    I picked up the first two issues a loooong time ago at a stand were I buy “rarities”, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for the third one and there has been no luck… Until now. — Good news, Mr. Ellis. I need to rwed the conclusion of this one. Badly.

  9. manik manik

    Oh great! I only managed to get issue one of this!! Fanatastic!

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