Wil Wheaton continues his tour of Being An Evil Bastard On American TV by being cast on EUREKA as some kind of Scientific Evil Bastard. Airs in July. Next up: sodomising someone with a D&D sourcebook on LAW AND ORDER: SVU

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  1. As a big WW fan, I know that he feels the same way about being labeled an Evil Bastard by you as I would – honored.

    Warren Ellis – the only internet entity that confers prestige by ruminating on the probability of RPG resource buggery.

    I know Wil feels blessed by the “God of the Internets”, even if that God is one of the gellied-ooze covered, multi-tentacled Gods that induce insanity, self-mutilation, and sociopathic genocide. And if you weren’t so much better than the other possible Internet Gods, our hate and fear would overwhelm our reverence and delight at your attention.

    Ia! Ia! Warren Ellis Fhtagn!

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