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And The World Laughs With You

Flying Lotus, ft Thom Yorke:

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  1. What luck! I was in search of a station in which to get brainfucked into submission.

  2. Sounds like a demonic threshing machine having sex with a radio.

  3. I think it’s more like a cry for help from a robot angel from the future as it dives to earth during a severe epileptic fit.

  4. That’s a really good song.

    I checked out Flying Lotus’s albums after I heard this and it’s pretty great stuff. The first track from 1983 sounds like the original Mario Bros game only instead of a plumber it’s a gangster strutting through mushroom kingdom.

  5. Moe Moe

    I knew you’d like it!

  6. Fungo McGurk Fungo McGurk

    “Ricky Ricardo’s Orchestra on Ketamine,” to my ear and super-effing-dandy. “Special K,” of course is an abusable drug now in 3rd-stage human trials as a major new treatment for depression. A woman who had suffered badly all her life and had no success with even ECT was given an infusion of 1-2% ketamine. Within approximately three hours, she stated that “I suddenly feel like my real self. I’ve got to keep getting that.” Her symptoms were GONE. I sincerely hope this new approach works. If so, the formerly clincially depressed would surely like to dance to this killer bit of electro-whimsy. Thanks, Warren.

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