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  1. Just saw it. I hated every fucking note of the music. Every note. Someone give Murray Gold a gun so he can shoot whoever is telling him to do that. Some bits sounded like it belonged in The Dark Knight, but most of it was out of every goddammed Tim Burton movie. The music is a train wreck.

    Otherwise, thumbs up. Loved Matt Smith. The coolest, hippest Doctor. Loved the girl. Great direction. And Moffat — novelist’s flair.

    But dear god, someone go in NOW and Stop That Music.

  2. purp purp

    There’s still something about Matt Smith’s face that just doesn’t sit right with me, but maybe he’ll grow into it. I loved Amy – first companion since Lalla Ward’s Romana that I could see developing an unhealthy & somewhat creepy crush on. The aliens made me think of some other Doctor’s adversary, with a rather baffled looking eyeball pasted on – but I grew up on Tom Baker battling menacing shag carpets, so I can accept that…

    The theme, tho… I just don’t know… somewhere along the line they seem to have traded in “weird and eerie” for “thunderingly bombastic”. Maybe for future episodes I’ll mute the credits, blast Doctorin’ The Tardis & pretend I’m in some alternate universe where Moffat brought on KLF to score the new season.

  3. mark mark

    I think the music will grow on us as we go on…

  4. If the music grows on us, it will in the manner of a fucking tumor!

    Where the hell is the bass line in the theme?!

  5. Haven’t seen the latest Doctor Who’s but just watched season five on DVD. It was okay but the ending was solid and I enjoyed that. And seeing Martha again… well you don’t want to know what I do when I think about Martha. :)

  6. Jim Finnis Jim Finnis

    Strong start, but had a few too many ideas for one episode – cracks in the wall, no wait – it lives where your eyes don’t go, no wait – it changes shape… maybe Moffat could do with some Ritalin.

    Also – TEAL AND FUCKING ORANGE! Everywhere! Although the new Ashes to Ashes is worse for this. There’s some bloke at BBC Wales with colour grading software who wants shooting.

  7. Enjoyed far more than I was expecting, my girlfriend kept her opinions of Matt Smith’s chin to herself and I was able to quietly perve at the new assistant’s outfit. Mmmmm…

  8. The crack in the wall reminded me of Time Bandits, mixed in with an element of cheesy 80s horror movie “House”. It was good, as was Matt Smith. Read an interview with the actor where they quoted him talking about football. Felt weird – aliens play football?

    The theme didn’t work for me (except for the signature lead, if considered in isolation), but I’m glad they changed it significantly. I just hope they change it again, soon.

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