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From The Mines

Ha ha I thought I was done with the Marvel Anime job but it turns out I forgot something that they need in 48 hours ha ha oh god my eyemeat hurts and I’m sleeping in four-hour blocks and god I hate deadlines so much especially when it’s my own damn fault for thinking this stage wasn’t due yet and I will be done with this job today or this job will be done with me and so will life.

What’s particularly annoying is that I’d blocked out today to sit down and have a good think about What’s Next. Marvel have asked me to place another series with them, which I’m happy to do, especially since I’m still under contract with them and David Bogart can probably have me scalped by international war criminals if I don’t. We’re wrapping up things on ASTONISHING X-MEN and dealing with the NEWUNIVERSAL situation, but they’re still asking me for new stuff, so I guess I didn’t fuck up in any terminal way.

Also — and this is where the thinking comes in — Joe knows I’m not only burned out in general, but very much at the end of this particular road in my explorations of the superhero genre. I’ve run out of interesting things to do in that field, again. I mean, never say never again, I may think of something interesting to say with them in the future. But Joe, bless his leather thong, knows that whatever I do there next will be largely outside the superhero genre. And it’s nice to have that support. Wouldn’t have happened during my first run at Marvel, believe me. I remember when we had to fight and kick and bite to get HELLSTORM and DRUID out the door, and a lot of people would kill today to have the sales figures we had back then.

And — and, yes, this needed a day to consider, too — there’s a bunch of new things I want to consider in my creator-owned work at Avatar, as well. I need to place some new projects there soon, but it’s time to change up the sort of thing I’m doing there. I’m going to be doing less comics work in general for a while, but I also want to be doing different comics work.

But none of this matters today because I have to turn out a long character/cast document and I only got half of it done yesterday. So it’s back into the mines with me.

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  1. It sounds like you’re in a similar situation to the one Douglas Adams was in where all anyone wanted was more Hitchhiker – you can tell by reading his later H2G2 books that his heart wasn’t in it at all – hence the multiverse destruction. I loved his Dirk Gently books and would have loved to seen more in that – or any other – line.

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